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【2023 Internship】常用商業/正式email六大必備句式


Block Area

1. 開場白 Greetings


● Hope everything goes well with you.

● I hope you are doing well.

● Sorry for the late reply.

● As per our phone conversation earlier…

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2. 回覆 Reply


● Thank you for your email about…

● Thank you for reaching out.

● Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

● Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

3. 來信目的 Purposes


● I am writing to confirm /enquire /inform… (我寫信目的是要確認/查詢/通知)

● I am reaching out because/ to ask for/ to discuss…(我寫信目的是想與您討論)

● Further to our discussion on…

● I am getting in touch with you because…(我寫信目的是要確認/查詢/通知)

4. 溫馨提示 Reminder


● Please be advised….

● Kingly be reminded to

● Just a friendly/ quick reminder that…

● Please let me know if…

5. 請求 Request


● Could you please…

● I was wondering if you could/ would be able to help…

● I would be grateful if you could…

● If possible, I would like to know more about…

6. 附件 Attachment


● Please find (file) attached.

● I have attached (file) for your review/ reference

● The attached file contains…

● I am enclosing (file)

● Here’s the (file) that you asked for/ we discussed

7. 結尾 Ending


● Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

● I look forward to hearing from you soon.

● Let me know if you need any help/ further information.

● Please call me any time if you have any questions.

● Please feel free to contact me/ to get in touch.

● Hope you have a great day!


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