About Us


Y.X Community is here to enhance student wellbeing. This collaborative network is powered by YdotX – a member of the Crystal Group, as part of its dedicated commitments to supporting our younger generation.

Through operating the largest student accommodation in Hong Kong, YdotX recognises the needs and value of our young talents. We are aspired to empower our students to learn, to realise their potential and contribute to the society for a good cause.

Our Vision

  • To enhance students overall well-being and enrich their college experience through learning and networking.
  • To create a dedicated community that fosters innovation and knowledge sharing to drive positive social change.

Core Values



Social responsibility


We encourage our student members to be active drivers in various meaningful projects and give them capacity to lead and make decisions while we offer a wealth of resources to support them whenever needed. We share knowledge, build connections and provide valuable opportunities to unleash members’potential and inspire them to achieve greater success.


We believe in the power of collaboration. We provide an open-minded environment with multi-purpose communal area and initiate community campaigns for members to share experience, exchange ideas and spark innovation. We also partner with different stakeholders to drive bigger impact. Together, we learn, grow, and thrive.

Social responsibility

We are committed to nurturing our young talents today to become change-makers of tomorrow. Apart from merely donating and volunteering, our student members also take up responsibilities in promoting meaningful causes and making a real difference in the society we live.

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We are here to create a dedicated community that enriches students’ college experience through learning and networking. We also foster innovation and knowledge sharing to drive positive social change.

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